You are overloaded at work


'nuffsaid puts you
back in command



Take control of your work communication
Your inbox becomes both your messaging and task command center as ‘nuffsaid combines all of your work communication channels into a single view.
Centralized messages
Proritized communication
Save 2 hours of wasted time per day
Your AI assistant automatically organizes and manages your messages, schedules your meetings, and always keeps you focused on work that matters.
Visibility across teams and customers
Your dashboard surfaces metrics and workflow insights about your work, your team, and your customers to help you remove bottlenecks and communicate effectively.
Customized workflow

1) Create your 'nuffsaid account

2) Connect your email, chat and other accounts

3) Work on desktop or download the mobile app


Start cranking through your messages!

'nuffsaid works where you do